Sunday, June 7, 2015

10 Proven Ways To Improve Your Memory Naturally

One of the worst thing that could happen to any student is after the sleepless night, the kindle burning or what i call "TILL DAY BREAK" (TDB) and often they forget what they read
or where they put things.

Here are some ideas
for you to practice and naturally improve your

1) Make a Fist
If you are facing problems recalling things at
work or examination hall get a stress ball. Clenching your fist, if
done correctly, can improve your memory
skills. Those who are right-handed should make
a fist of their right hand before they try to recall
a piece of information. Hold that position for
about 45 seconds. The process is reversed for
those who are left-handed.

2) Crossword Puzzles
Solving crossword puzzles on a daily basis will
help keep your mind fresh and sharp. This helps
avoid memory loss and brain disease. You can
choose a level to suit you, work on them while
travelling or in your leisure time. Playing chess
can also improve your IQ level.

3) Writing it Down
Write down things you need to remember like
passwords, phone numbers, etc. Writing
increases the modality and improves your
memory. You can also keep a journal.

4) Sleep Well
You need proper sleep to keep your mind
healthy. Sleep plays an important role in
maintaining your memory. Sleeping will
reorganize your memories and fight stress which
increases your energy level.

5) Meditation
Meditation plays a very important role in keeping
you fit. It increases memory level and
concentration power and secretes feel good
hormones which help relax your body and give
you peace of mind. Spend 10-15 minutes
meditating daily.

6) Mnemonic
This involves using of acronyms to remember long or difficult scientific sentences or other sentences. Example as a Business management student that want to recall the functions of a manager which includes
planning, Organising, Directing, Controlling, Coordinating i can use the first alphabets and call it PODCC. other examples include

# My Dear Aunt Sally (mathematical order of
operations: Multiply and Divide before you Add and

# Kings Phil Came Over for the Genes Special
(Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Genus, Species)

7) Eat Healthy
Keeping a healthy lifestyle improves thefunctioning of your mind and helps you increase
memory. Eating seasonal fruits and dry fruits
help improve memory. Almonds are well known
for their memory increasing abilities. Chewing
gum also helps improve memory.

8) Visualize/Linking
Visualizing/Linking is one of the most effective ways to
remember something. By developing a detailed
visual image of information and linking it to information you already know e.g i want to remember the word photosynthesis i try and link it to a more familiar word like photo or that is important to
you, you can more easily recall that information.

9) Smell, touch, taste, hear, and see it
Involving all your senses while you encode
memory can make your memory stronger. That’s
why you can recall the smell of mom’s cookies
as if she made them just now. By shaking hands
and looking in the eyes of people you meet you
can more easily remember their name. `

10) Take Time to Laugh
Laughing is considered the best therapy for
overall growth. When you laugh it triggers certain
areas in your brain to secrete endorphins which
make you more positive and intellectual
throughout your day. It is well known for
relieving stress and helping you improve your
memory. Start laughing more often and increase
your memory power.

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