Monday, June 8, 2015


1. Kissing your man is not a problem, The problem is
how you do it. Stop making sounds like a car
crash "pitom pitom
pitommi"! Abeg U dey disturb me.

2. Screaming during sex is romantic and its not a
The problem is screaming and shouting like werey
"JESUS, Oh my God, Holy mary".. You are having
sex, Not a Church service!
And besides I don't know if you are reminding God
to punish you latter.

3. Wearing short skimpy skirts or dresses is not a
problem in fact its very sexy. The problem is
wearing your mini looking all nice and walking
around and when you see guys you try to pull it
down, Now you want it to be long?.... Abi..
Keep deceiving urself na. # sMh

4. Loving your man is not a problem as it is
KOKANYE for me
but the problem is changing your Surname to his
on Facebook. Bitch his mother doesn't even know
you ...Chill!! And I would
hate to read ur post later saying MEN ARE WICKED

5. Calling all men dogs is not the problem, The
problem is tagging yourself saint when you know
he didn't have sex with himself but you.. So since you did it
with him, kindly say I HAVE BEEN SLEEPING WITH
A DOG OR DOGS as the case may be and please
let us know the breed of dogs you came to the
world from coz your dad is male too and your mum
have always been his bed partner..

6. Some girls are looking for tall guys with pink
lips and six packs when their father is short, pot
bellied with pomo lips you better be
contented like your Mother # lol .

7. If runs girls don't fail Sunday's church services I
wonder who

8. Saying all guys are the same is not my problem
bt is 2face and me the same? Is ur dad and ur
teacher the
same,and beside who ask u to try them all?

9. Bleaching your skin is not a problem, The
problem is having white face, yellow hands
chocolate lips and black legs. Are you zebra?
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