Monday, June 1, 2015

5 Kinds Of Male Friends Every Nigerian Girl Should Have

For Every Girl there is 3 Guys: The One She Wants, The One That Wants Her and the One She's Settling For. It’s that simple.

Most girls want that All-in-one guy, the guy that can be funny, romantic, caring, smart, cute, well-built etc. But a man can’t have it all just a like a woman can’t also, either he has this and doesn’t have that or vice versa. But women wish they could have a man with all that qualities.

So since finding Mr All-in -one guy. is just fantasy, girls have outsmarted this situation, they now keep a nice mental list of group of male friends who play different roles to fulfill their wish.

It really doesn’t matter if she’s single or not, as the saying goes No girl is single, you either snatch her from someone or share her with someone, if a girl has you as her boyfriend it means you are the highest shareholder, which is good so don’t think she doesn’t have other guys loitering around her, of course she does.

It’s not flirting to me since she is not really dating them, they are just there to keep the “ministry” going forward, or can you be the all-in-one guy?

Can you always be there when she is sad, can you always make her laugh, and can you always give her the best advice?

Well as a tradition, I have categorized this into a list of 5:

The Naughty Boy-

Yeah Mr. Naughty. She can discuss anything nasty comfortably with this dude, this dude is usually the guy girl’s see as the bad guy. And the truth is girls secretly admire the bad guys but won’t like to date them, they want the bad guy to be good for them, which is not possible so they keep them around for just that purpose.

Mr. Good Sense of Humor-

He’s the funny dude, he always make her laugh irrespective of her mood. Once she is having a terrible day, she writes him on WhatsApp “hello” and the next moment she is cracking up, as the guy would have typed something really funny during the chat. This dude is probably her fav guy but she can’t date him since he is most likely to be a broke ass.

Mr. Counsellor-

She needs advice, she goes to him. He is always the listening type. He listens carefully to her and always gives her great advice. When her present relationship is sinking, she runs to this dude, and most times he always has an advice for every situation. Most likely this dude is that best ex bf she once had or her Boyfriend. When a girl is having relationship troubles, she always want to have a male perspective of the situation, so she speak to her male friend who can offer first-hand advice about her problem. Men understand men better than women understand men, so it's kind of logical.

Money bag a.k.a. Omo babaolowo-

The money spender, he is willing to lavish cash on her anytime and help her materially. He is the very busy dude and hardly has time for her but when she needs financial assistance, she’s always there because he still hopes he will date her someday.

The Nerd

Nerds are not left out, most girls also have that dude who is very smart and good with books but socially awkward. She always like to discuss intellectual stuffs with him, ask him for help with her school work etc. But she won’t date him of course, because he’s too nerdy and think of life through pages in a book .So he is added to her list of male friends.

The truth is, all guys fall into one of the above category, either you’re the Mr Naughty or the Nerdy.
I am always the Mr Good sense of humour and sometimes Mr CounsellorDescription: smiley.

Which one are you?

Note this doesn’t make a girl a flirt or a “runs girl”, she aint dating any of them but you, so be happy she chose you.

Copyright c.Mayo Bayose
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