Monday, June 1, 2015

The 12 Signs Of True Love In A Relationship

I Just Want You To Know

True love may be hard to define, but the signs
to read true love can be clearly seen in every
Perfect, loving relationship
If you’re in a relationship and want to know if
You’re experiencing the purest form of love,
Use these 12 signs of true love to find out for

1. Wiliness To Give And Share.
 You give to the relationship wholeheartedly, without any desire
Or expectations of getting something back in
Return from your partner to justify your actions.

2. Pure happiness  
 Just watching this special
person smile or laugh out loud fills you with
intense happiness, even if you’re suffering or
having a hard day.
I Still Remember The Feeling
3. Pain and anger.
You get terribly hurt when
Your lover upsets you, but their actions never
Anger you.   You may get annoyed or frustrated
Now and then momentarily, but you just can’t
Stay mad at them for long because staying
Mad or giving them the silent treatment hurts
you more.

4. Sacrifices
 You make sacrifices for their
Happiness or well being, even if they may never
Realize it.
Sometimes The Person You Love Just Doesn't Understand How Much You Love Them
5. The right effort
 You go to great lengths
And make an effort to improve the relationship,
And also play a conscious part in trying to please
Your partner and make them feel loved and
Never Give Up On Me
6.You can’t ever hurt them
 When you’re truly
in love with someone, you can’t even imagine
hurting them, emotionally or physically.
Payback is a strong human instinct, but true
love makes you completely selfless.

7. You keep your promises
When you make a
Promise to them, you stick to your word even if
this person will never find out if you broke their
Promise. When you experience true love, your
moral conscience becomes very strong when it
comes to this one special person.
Sometimes All You Need Is
8. We
 In a perfect relationship, it’s good to
have your own space to grow as individuals.
But at the same time, if you truly love your
partner, you’d see them as a part of your life.
When you think of your future, you can’t help
but see them by your side.

9. You share their burden
 And you do that
even if you don’t really have to. You can’t bear
to see this special someone suffering. If
they’re dealing with some issue, you’re always
willing to offer them a helping hand even when
you have your own difficulties to look into.

10. Pride and jealousy
 You beam with pride
when they achieve something, even if it’s the
same thing you failed at. You may get jealous
of a friend who outdid you, but when you love
someone, jealousy never enters the picture.

11. Suffering
 You’d be willing to suffer, just
to see them happy wink

12. Their perspective
Everything you do, you
keep your lover in mind and think from their
perspective, be it about planning a surprise
party or hanging out with your own friends
after work. You don’t ever want to hurt your
lover, so you always think from their point of
view before making any decision that involves
them in any way.
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