Friday, June 12, 2015

Tips On Cv and Cover Letters

So many people expecially fresh graduates have been asking on steps on writing a good CV and Cover letter.
This will give you a few steps on how to write a good Cv and cover letter

Before submitting your CV here are a few tips to bear in mind:

Ensure that the information you provide is relevant and up to date.

Your CV must make your skills and your achievements accessible to the reader.

Present your experience and education in reverse chronological order - most recent first.

An introductory personal profile that sums up your skills and experience and explains the type of job you are looking for works well.

Before submitting your CV here are a few tips to bear in mind:



3)Contact details
(telephone numbers and e-mail addresses)

4)Skills and knowledge

5)Management and other experience


7)Training and development

8)Highest level of education with Class of Degree.

9)Also,while writing your CV,ensure you use your address in the State you are applying to(eg Lagos address if you are applying to Lagos)

10)If you are more than 25years old,omit your age(unless requested by the company)in your CV(simply put,don't put it).

11)If you have a second class lower in your degree,just write second class Hons(no need writing 2:2 cos you will be screened out outrightly and so you will not have the opportunity to proof yourself)

12)If you have a High 2:1 or a First Class degree,put your CGPA there(beside your name,in your CV).It will make your CV catchy and unique.

13)If you are a fresh graduate and you were(or still are) close to your Head of Department,use him/her as one of your referees. In fact use him/her as your number one referee(this will give credibility to your candidacy).

14) If you can defend your project topic,bravo put it in your CV(It will really go a long way in helping the employer/HR make a quick decision).

15) Also ensure you put the relevant courses you 6 as an undergraduate student(this applies to Fresh graduates only)

        Cover Latter Tips
The accompanying covering letter should highlight the relevance of your CV, answer points raised in the job advertisement and show enthusiasm for the role.
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