Saturday, June 6, 2015


When We Were Kids...

1. The fat kid was always the goalkeeper
2. The owner of the ball decides who plays.

3. Penalties were awarded only if injured player
curses a lot.

4. The match only ends when everyone is tired.

5. No matter how many goals you score, the winner
will be determined by the last team to score.

6. No referees and linesmen. You could run with the
ball even behind the goal post.

7. If you don't participate in repairing the ball, you
will be given a match ban.

8. If you're picked last, you're a loser.

9. The guy who's never picked was to fetch the ball
from the tree when it got stuck, under the car or in
another person's compound to play in the next

10. When the owner of the ball gets annoyed, game

11. You were allowed to change a goalkeeper in
case of a penalty.

12. The most skillful player get an automatic

If u dint participate in dis, u know u dint grew up in
de street
True or false?
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