Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Ladies, I apologize in advance for this...this is not a
lady bashing thread, just trying to have fun .

That said, guys, allow me to introduce you to the
strangest species on earth....The Female. Read and

Underneath are their very funny....but sometimes
annoying attitudes.

1. Whenever a girl sees a very pretty fellow girl, she
makes a sub-conscious check of herself. "Is my
eye-brow arch more sophisticated than hers?".
"Hope my lip-stick never fade oh!". "This my hair
sef don old, see as her own new"..... They usually
end this self-scrutiny with the conclusion that they
are far better than the girl.

2. A guy tells her she is beautiful and the next thing
that comes to mind is, "He likes me".

3. She hates it when you drool over Rihanna but
expects you to smile when she tells you that Trey
songz has the sexiest lips ever.

4. She feels offended if you don't notice her new
hair but fails to notice that you are on a different
hair-cut (well unless its an afro).

5. She asks if her outfit is fine, not to really know if
it is, but to be told she looks like a goddess. Do you
doubt this? When next she asks this, tell her its
ugly and see what am talking about.

6. She does nothing at home but turns to a humble
maid whenever she visits her guy. (Well, not all

7. She keeps you waiting for 3 hours and believes
that a simple, "I am sorry", covers it up. But blows
up like a grenade when you are 15minutes late.

8. She expects you to drool over her new dp but
doesn't notice that you have changed yours five
times that week.

9. You take her out on a date and her friends tag
along. She feels there's nothing wrong with that, "...I
mean, my friends wanted to meet you and know
you better". Now try tagging your own friends along
on the next date.... Another conclusion comes to

10. A typical girl will come in here and trash this
thread...but then, girls will always be girls .
Do add yours guys!

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