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Tips on getting an American Visa from Nigeria

To the average Nigerian Abroad , the journey of how
they obtained their visa from Nigeria is always told
with mixed reactions, for some it was a stroll
through the park, while for others it was a passage
through the needle’s eye. Even the Nigerians that
were lucky enough to win the American Lottery Visa
still went through some struggles before they were
able to cross over. The struggles is usually in the
form of getting all the necessary documents
together and raising the money needed for the
flight, and the medical tests. Then after all that, you
have to worry about where you would stay when
you get to the U.S. As we all know family or no
family, is all about bills in the U.S. So come
prepared knowing that after 3months with your
host, your welcome is probably wearing thin.

If you are still in Nigeria and you are trying to get
an American Visa
For your relations and friends still in Nigeria who
have been rejected time and time again at the
embassy for one reason or the other, this article
might ‘open their eye’ to some of the things they
should avoid doing. While this may not be
authoritative information on steps to take when
applying for visa to the US, these are some
common sense things that people still miss when
applying for a U.S visa.

Be Prepared:

When applying for a US visa, you need to be
prepared. Your preparation must be total. You must
have all the necessary documents to back up any
claims you have made in your application.

Your Statement of Account:

One other important factor (perhaps the most
important) is the statement of account you are
using. If you are using your own, make sure it is
well-funded. If you are using another person's, be
prepared to establish a legitimate link with the
owner of the account. The consular is particular
about whether you can afford to pay for the trip or

If you Are doing Group Interview:

If you plan to travel together with some people, all of
you need to be conversant with one another's
documentation. Ensure that every member of the
group have legitimate and provable documents. This
is to avoid being rejected as a group or as part of a
group. In addition, if the group has never travelled
before, don't try a non-appearance application. (a
situation where just a member of the group stands
in for all the other members.) But if you have, you
may try it.
Choosing the Location of the Interview:

It is generally believed that the Lagos center of the
US Embassy is more difficult to secure a visa.
(Especially student visa). So most people advise
applicants to apply to their Abuja office if they can
afford it.

If You Are Applying For a Minor:

The mistake most people make when applying for a
minor is to think that the child will be automatically
given the visa. This is not so with the US embassy.
You need to give your ward proper and necessary
tutorials on likely questions that they will be asked.
You will be amazed at the number of minors that are
rejected from travelling everyday!
In addition, if you are applying for a minor, you need
to accompany him/her. And if you are the sponsor,
your statement of account must be detailed and
must show enough transactions (deposits/
withdrawal) to let them know you are capable of
sponsoring your ward.

Do Not Be Intimidated:

This is very important when applying for a US visa.
You must show enough gut to let them know that
you know what you are doing and what you are
talking about. Of course the Consular might try to
intimidate and confuse you during the interview, but
you need to stay focused and maintain your stand.

Avoid Overkill:

One thing Oyinbo people hate most is to be
patronizing. Answer the consular questions without
trying to be over reaching or condescending.

Maintain Eye Contact:

Do not show nervousness during the interview, this
might be a give-away sign that all is not well with
your answers or maybe you are trying to hide
something. Maintain eye contact at all times when
answering questions and do not fidget.

Dress Moderately:

You are not attending a fashion show, so do not
over-dress. But what ever you are wearing, make
sure you look smart and comfortable with whatever
you are wearing. Hopefully, these tips will help you
when you next apply for the U.S visa.
Do you have any experiences in obtaining the U.S
visa, we would love to hear from you below!

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