Sunday, May 17, 2015


I believe every human on earth has got a neighbor
or two. Whether you live in a face2face apartment,
a condominium, a duplex or you have your mansion
sited on a large sq.mtrs, there'll always be one
neighbor whom you might find cool or repugnant.
Below are 6 types of neighbors:

1. The nosy neighbor

This type of neighbour will always want to know
everything about you, from what you ate to what
you didn't eat. They come around asking you
personal questions that you might find offensive.
When you make them know you can't give out such
information cos it's private, they start acting
awkward. If care is not taken, their actions might
make you think you just offended them. Some have
developed a tactics of first dishing out personal
information about themselves to you in tit-bits just
to make you feel relaxed enough to reel out your life
history to them thinking you are simply sharing life
experiences with a brother. It will later dawn on you
that you've giving such a neighbour a juicy gossip to
munch with his family behind closed doors. Don't be
surprised when your story gets narrated to you by
someone who lives couple of streets away.

2. The noisy neighbor

Have you ever had your afternoon nap disturbed
cos your neighbor thinks the afternoon is not too
hot enough to blast dmx or pasuma? If no, then you
definitely live in the forest. Everyday is a party to
them as they turn themselves into DJs disturbing
the peace. They play music so loud that you might
quickly put on your party clothes thinking there's a
party going on outside. Another type of noisy
neighbour is the type that actually creates noise
using his or her vocal cords. You can hear them
from blocks away when they are just calling their
child's name, a thing that can easily be done with
the voice kept low cos the child is right in front of
them. It might be couples who love to quarrel so
loud that you might actually think they are
presenting the case to you.

3. The borrow-borrow

This is very common in face2face settings. They
borrow almost everything from you and sometimes
forget to return them until you have to borrow them
back. You can wake up around 2am and find one of
them using your stove to cook in the general
kitchen without taking permission from you. Your
tooth paste, matches box, dishes, food etc are not
spared from their borrowing-spree. It gets so worse
that they don't mind borrowing your bathing soap
from you.

4. I pass my neighbour

This type feels you are his rival simply because you
are both tenants in thesame building. He never
wants to see you advance ahead of him. If you buy
a generator, he makes sure he buys a bigger one
and uses the noise to disturb your peace. When you
decide to buy a car worth 500k, he goes ahead to
buy the one of 2million, making it seem as if he's
really rich. Such realizes how stupid they've been
when you hand them an invitation to your house
warming party.

5. The unfriendly

This type doesn't socialize at all. The only thing you
hear from them is a greeting. Even when you try to
hold a conversation with them, they make sure it's
brief. Don't think they lack social skills; they just
don't want to be stunned again by a nosy neighbour
who might gossip about them. Some are actually
friendly but don't have much time to show it cos
they are too busy with their work. If you are the
type that doesn't socialize with neighbours, I'll
advice you start now, cos they'll be the ones to
spring up on your behalf when an emergency

6. The good people

These are the type of neighbours every individual
will love to have. The moment you move in as their
neighbour, they instantly treat you like family. They
show you how to find your way around the
neighbourhood and treat your belongings like they
would do theirs. Such are the type you can keep
your house keys with till you return from an outing.
Your kids are safe with them also, as they quickly
sync with theirs. But kids will always be kids. When
little misunderstanding spring up between yours and
theirs, they make a balanced judgment that will
make you trust them more. If you are a bad person,
their good attitude will make you turn a good leaf.
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