Sunday, May 17, 2015


Quite a lot of girls complain that they don’t get
noticed when, the truth is, they are being noticed,
but guys are being put off from approaching them,
because of some of the subtle signals that they are
sending out.

Men are not as sure of themselves as you might
think, so if you are giving the impression that you

are not really interested, or the guys think they are
more likely to get a slap around the face than they
are a conversation, then they are going to be
reluctant to approach you. If you have been
wondering why all your efforts to look gorgeous and
desirable don’t seem to be attracting the men, then
read these ten tips on how to make yourself seem
more approachable to guys.

1. Think about your general appearance

We know that looks aren’t all that counts, but we
also know that first impressions are important. Not
everyone can afford chic clothes and the finest
makeup, but you should still make the effort to
make sure that you look neat and tidy. You should
also be able to show your individuality in how you
dress, but bear in mind that extreme fashion and
extravagance will put some guys off.

2. Don’t give anyone a hard time

Remember that a guy could be watching you out of
the corner of his eye, so don’t do anything to make
him think twice about approaching you. If you
launch into a verbal assault on a bartender,
because he forgot to put ice in your drink, you’re
going to make yourself look scary to any men who
might be looking on.

3. Don’t look too busy to talk

Most people won’t interrupt you if you look too
busy, so don’t be so engrossed in your phone, or
your iPad that you don’t even notice that a guy is
showing some interest in you! Also, if you are out
with some friends, then don’t stand around in a
huddle sharing the gossip, because that will
dissuade a guy from making a move too.

4. Don’t hang out with the boys

There’s nothing at all wrong with having male
friends, but if you hang out with them all the time,
then other men are going to be cautious about
approaching you. You may know that your
relationship with these guys is nothing more than a
friendship, but another man who is not a part of the
group will assume that you are in a relationship with
one of your male friends.

5. Think about the body language

You can make yourself look unapproachable by the
way that you stand or you sit. Don’t fold your arms
in front of you, and keep your body facing toward
the people that you want to attract. You don’t need
to make it look like you are desperate to attract
attention, but you do want to send out the signal
that it’s OK to approach you.

6. Laugh, smile and have fun

You will appear a lot more approachable if it looks
like you are having fun, so smile and laugh and
have a good time. The happier you look, the more
you will make a man feel like he wants to join you
and share in some of the fun.

7. Tell him with your eyes

One look can say it all, so use your eyes to draw a
man in. Without making it too obvious, try and catch
his eye occasionally and then look away again and
perhaps, let your eyes linger on him for a little
longer than they would usually. Too much eye
contact with a stranger will make him feel
uncomfortable, but get it right, and it will get his
attention and make him want to come over and
meet you.

8. Don’t get all tongue-tied when someone does
talk to you

If a man is talking to you, then don’t get all
embarrassed and tongue-tied. If you don’t respond
to him, then he’s going to think that you are not
interested and leave you on your own. Smile,
engage him in conversation and sound interested in
what he has to say.

9. Don’t look too aloof

Confidence is attractive, but over-confidence could
make men think twice about approaching you. One
thing that guys really fear is being rejected outright
by a girl and being given the cold shoulder. Don’t let
your confidence be mistaken for aloofness and give
out the impression that you are too good for anyone
in the room.

10. Give him opportunities to talk to you

If you have your eye on one guy, then put yourself
in a position where he can talk to you. Be there,
when he goes up to the bar or, get on the dance
floor when he does. Get him away from his buddies
and he’s more likely to approach you and, if he
sees you often enough, he’s going to be more
comfortable about approaching you.
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