Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It’s no longer enough to look for a job through
traditional methods such as submitting an
application and resume through job listings. Social
media has become essential to the C-level job
search. For this reason, LinkedIn profile
development should become an integral part of your
job search process.
Why Is LinkedIn Important?
There are a number of reasons why you need to
focus on writing a stellar LinkedIn profile to help you
obtain a C-level position. LinkedIn profile writing
services can help you:
Promise value to a potential employer and
advance thought leadership
Reach recruiters and decision makers
Advance your job search with LinkedIn’s
unique features
Network with industry leaders who may
connect you to your next position
Prove you are who you claim to be
How to Complete LinkedIn Profile Development
Whether you work with an experienced executive
LinkedIn profile writer or you choose to attempt this
process on your own, it’s essential to know what
aspects of your profile require the most attention to
be effective.
1. Optimize Your Profile – Make sure your profile
reflects every position you are considering. Be
sure as much of your profile is complete as
possible. A complete profile is more effective.
2. Request Recommendations – LinkedIn allows
coworkers and former employers to provide
recommendations for individuals. While some
people automatically provide these when you
connect, you may need to ask others.
3. Increase Your Network Connections – LinkedIn
is designed to make networking online easy.
Even before you start searching for a job, you
should reach out and connect to other
individuals in the industry you are considering.
You should also connect with past coworkers,
friends, family members and anyone else you
4. Look for a Job via LinkedIn – LinkedIn Jobs
makes it easier to use this social media site to
find your next job. This tool will suggest jobs
based on your profile. Therefore, you should
follow companies and industries you are
interested in and research recruiters in your
Engaging in LinkedIn can be a useful tool in helping
you find your next C-level position. However,
without the proper LinkedIn profile development,
you may impede your efforts, rather than help you
obtain the right position. If your profile isn’t well-
suited for your job search, employing the help of
LinkedIn profile writing services will ensure your
profile makes a good first impression and helps you
land the job of your dreams. LinkedIn is the top
social media site for executive-level positions.
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