Wednesday, May 13, 2015


**If you are neutral in situations of
injustice,you have chosen the side of the
oppressor.If an elephant has its foot on the
tail of a mouse and you say that you are
neutral,the mouse will not appreciate your
#HOW well you
communicate,influnce,persuade and
negotiate will ultimately determine the
quality of your life.

IDEAS are seed.IDEAS
are more powerful than the brain that
produces them.We may be able to count
the numbers of SEED in an apple ,but we
may not be able to count the numbers of
apple in a SEED.The quality of IDEAS that
flows through your mind will determine the
quality of your LIFE.The quality of your life
can"t be greater than d quality of ur
thoughts.As a man thinketh in his heart so
he is.

Freindships is a relationships characterized
by unconditional love.

*People are insecure...give them

*People want to feel special...sinecerely
compliment them.

*People desire a better
them hope.

*People need to be understood... listen to

*People are selfish...speak to their needs

*People get emotionally low...encourage

*People want to be associated with
success... help them win.

Think back of the most important
experiences of ur life,the highest high,the
greatest victories,the most daunting
obstacles overcome.How many happened
to you alone? I bet there are very
few.When you understand that being
connected to others is one of life"s
greatest joys,you realize that life"s best
comes when you initiate and invest in solid

-Life"s greatest experiences involve other

-You"ll enjoy life more if u like people

-You"ll get futher in life if people like you.
Be the best you want to see in
others.Human beings are a living
magnet,we always attract our
values.Remember eye for an eye will make
the world go blind.

An open mind can free ur heart.
An open heart can feel true love
An open soul can spread your love
An unconditional love 4 all.
Live ur life being true to urself,using ur
heart to see with,feel with, and to love with.

Be the best always
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