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Success is not something that can be accomplished
overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, time and
sheer dedication. Every successful leader,
entrepreneur or idealist has had their own unique
journey as they strove for what they believed in and
proved to society that anyone can break free from
the chains they think are holding them back.

Although each of them had different a different path,
their destination was the same: success.
There are many factors which tie these successful
individuals together, one of them being how they
grew and matured along the journey. Steve , author
of “How Rich People Think,” interviewed more than
a thousand millionaires over three decades to learn
what led them to their success and wealth.
The answer was quite simple: Steve learned that it
did not matter where they were born, or even to
whom — what really made these millionaires stand
out was their mentality, the drive to reach their
goals while letting nothing hold them back. This
mindset led these individuals to wealth.

Here are seven sentences you’ll never hear a
successful person say because they contradict that
unstoppable attitude.

1. “I hate my job”

One highly-admired quality in successful people is
that they are never too opinionated about their job or
workplace, irrespective of what they might be doing
at any point in life. Even if they are in a situation
which is uncomfortable or are surrounded with
negative energy, they always avoid statements like
the above. These negative elements do nothing but
slow you down in your journey to achieve success.
Instead of insulting a person, the job or the
company, they seek to resolve issue with proper
facts, tactics and complete neutrality.

2. “That’s not fair”

Did your rival receive an award, appraisal, or
recognition and you got nothing, while you’re twice
as dedicated and productive? A mistake successful
people never make is ranting and raving about the
injustices of life. Unfairness is something you have
to get used to. Success is not gifted to you — you
have to work to earn it, and in the midst of doing
that you need to show you deserve it.
Instead of whining and complaining, the secret of
being able to move on is to be proactive about such
issues and not reactive. Causing a scene will only
affect you negatively. If you think you were much
more deserving, prove it by making a strong case
and presenting it.

3. “That’s not how it’s done here"

Innovation is a key characteristic of successful
people, whichever fields they might be in. You have
to learn to embrace new things and not be afraid of
doing away with conventions. Nobody ever
achieved anything great without trying something
Take Steve Jobs for instance: Mr. Jobs was very
passionate about innovation and such passion led to
amazing creations like the iPhone and the iPad,
devices that changed the world. Jobs once said,
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a
Darlene Price, president of Well Said, Inc., shared
some advice with Business Insider about keeping
an open mind and innovating at work. “Even if you
disagree with someone’s idea, say instead, ‘Wow,
that’s an interesting idea. How would that work?'”
Price said. “Or, ‘That’s a different approach. Let’s
discuss the pros and cons.'” Don’t be obstinate and
afraid to try new things — that’s not the way
success is achieved

4. “That’s not my job

There is one big rule which successful individuals
follow: If you are truly successful, you will help
others succeed as well. An example of this can be
taken from Mr. Warren Buffett, who said,
“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because
someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
Becoming a team player is what helps you get
closer to success, and if you are not a team player
success will never come to you. You might be rich,
you might be successful, but the hard work and
dedication of your employees and members of your
business or organization are the real reason behind
your success and your reputatio

5. “That’s impossible”

Successful people know that boundaries and limits
are only creations of the mind, and we ourselves
give birth to such restrictions. Such statements
needlessly hold you back from achieving greatness.
Achievers do not complain about barriers or
hurdles; instead they find a way around obstacles
and use their creativity to challenge them.
Negative words like “can’t,” “won’t,” and
“impossible” are never heard from the mouths of
successful individuals. They know complaining will
not help them, but actually doing something about
the issue at hand will.

6. “I could have".

Regret is the worst feeling an individual can face, to
keep revisiting times when they “could have” done
something, the situation was out of hand or else
they “would have,” now realizing that they “should
have.” Successful individuals do not give
themselves the opportunity to regret. This is due to
two reasons: either they take the opportunity, no
matter the odds, and turn the tables around; or they
move on and find another opportunity that awaits.
Regret is never going to serve anyone.
7. “I have no choice”
There are always options and opportunities at hand,
and successful people know how to create their
own way to these opportunities. Price pointed out,
“To say we have no choice in the matter implies
that we perceive ourselves as a victim, that we are
less powerful than our environment.”
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