Monday, May 18, 2015



1) Only in DoroBuci Video that someone
will play Golf at Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria and it
will land at white house Washington DC USA.

2) When your life is in Darkness, pray to
God to free you, if u are still in darkness
after praying, please pay your electricity Bill.

3) Girls with Bow Legs wearing Leggings Be

4) If you Marry a Girl that can't cook.. Bros
your case dey Mr. Biggs

5) The way Manchester City is going
down..they will soon discover Oil

6) Guys, when a girl say you are the best
man in her life, don't be surprised to see
yourself standing beside her husband on
her wedding day.

7) Seeing girls with half of their Boobs
showing on Social Networks is like MTN
advert, you see it everywhere you go.

8) Relationship nowadays: Love at first
sight, Sex at first Night and Break up at
First Fight.

9) If u snap with digital camera and
you still look ugly, my dear forget it, your
ugliness is Peak Milk Cos It's in you.

10) Girls that lost their Virginity cos of
Iphone 5 and BB Z10. Now that Iphone 6 is
out what will they offer?

11) The best way to know a Nigerian Girls
real name is to ask for her account
details...that is when Natasha Hills turns to
Okonokposong Itongakoriko

12) You don't have to be in the UK to be comes from above, not from

13) Garri should be in the first aid box..that
thing save lives.
14) To The Ladies, If As A Child You were
Not Featured As A Little Bride In
Someone Wedding, Then You Were Very
Ugly As A Child.
15) Even If You Are Just Out From A Prison
An Average Nigeria Girl Will Still Ask "What
Did You Bring For Me?
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