Saturday, May 16, 2015


Lagos State University will resume academic
activities on Monday, May 18, 2015​​ following a
meeting between the state government, the
varsity’s authorities and university unions.

All students of the university are hereby informed
and as such begin preparations for resumption
next week.

LASU was shut in April following a crisis
between the management and the unions in the

Although the unions had passed a vote of no
confidence on the Vice Chancellor, John
Obafunwa, who they accused of inappropriate
promotion of some staffs and asked the
appointment be reviewed or reversed.

 The state
government has refused to remove the vice
chancellor on the demand of the unions.

ASUU also accused Mr. Obafunwa of
victimization of its members, withdrawal of
certificates of lecturers, abuse of due process
by the university’s management and trying to
cripple the association with attempts to freeze
its account and stoppage of check-up dues of
the association.

After Tuesday’s meeting, which had
representatives of the governing council,
university management and executives of the
students union at the main auditorium of the
Lagos State University College of Medicine Ikeja,
a communiqué was issued signed by the various
parties involved, including the Vice Chancellor,
Mr. Obafunwa.
“Consequently, on the observations reached, the
meeting resolved that the school should be
reopened for academic activities not later than
Monday, 18 May, 2015 and that provision of
adequate security on campus should be made by
the Lagos State Government on resumption of
academic activities,” the communiqué said.

“The meeting resolved that continual dialogue
between the management and staff unions under
the auspices of the Governing Council should

The meeting also resolved that expeditious
action on the processing of school fees refund
by the Lagos State Government should follow.”

The meeting also resolved that there should be a
proclamation of confidence in the leadership of
Mr. Obafunwa as Vice Chancellor of the school
by the students and unions.
The meeting called on the state government to
ensure commitment to the resumption of
academic activities at LASU without further
delay, including security on campus.
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