Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Doubt everything in the world but never
doubt yourself and your capabilities.
Don't wait for an opportunity to come to
you, pave your own way to success and
opportunities will flock to you.
Mistakes are guiding lights to success. If
you do not make mistakes, success is a
far-fetched dream.
Cowardliness is the biggest hurdle to
success. To achieve your dream, you must
be ready to put all you have at stake.
Success is never bestowed upon you; it is
what you choose for yourself.
Never is success destiny; it is a
combination of perception, passion and a
lot of hard work. Nothing will move unless
you move.An object will remain @ the state
of rest unless force is being applied.
Treat every day as a new adventure
waiting to see what awaits you in the time
to come.
Life is a stage where you are the star. Live
every day to excel and give your very best
to create a place among the legends.
Glory comes when you go beyond what
others expect of you and live your dreams.
Every beautiful butterfly was once a dreary
Destiny always works itself according to
what works in our minds. You get what you
Fear is when we rise each time we fall and
failure is when we have lost perseverance
to rise at all.
Excellence is all about determination and
Live your life in a way that millions would
crave to follow.
Success comes when you are truly
passionate about what you are doing.
Passion comes when you truly believe in
what you are doing.
Don't let yourself get demotivated when
troubles come your way. Just remember
the rainbow shows up only after a rainy
Regardless of what anybody else says, you
have the power to do something that
nobody else can and that's the reason why
you are here on earth.
A tree grows only as much tall as the roots
have grown in the soil. So if you want to
succeed in life, you will have to hold your
ground firm and strong. The stronger you
hold on to your ground, the higher you will
rise to touch the heavens.
The battle has not been won until the last
soldier is killed.
Live your life in such a manner that people
won't want to overtake you, instead they'll
want to become more like you.
Never demotivate yourself. There will be
already so many others out there who will
be ready to do that.

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