Sunday, May 24, 2015


1. Prepare your CV for sending
When an interesting job pops up, you should have a
ready-to-send CV to ensure you don’t waste any
valuable time.
Research the company and align your
achievements and qualities to what the employer is
looking for. Include jargon and keywords to help sell
yourself as the best candidate.

2. Make sure you save it in various formats
Keep in mind that potential recruiters and
employers might not view your CV on a PC – some
might look at it on their mobile devices as well.
Ensure your CV can be easily read on any device
and always have a text-based version ready.

3. Clean up your social presence
Potential employers and recruiters will look at
various social media channels to gain an
understanding of who you are. Do your best to
include details about your job and your
achievements in your profile. Also improve your
reputation by taking part in online group discussions
regarding the industry or recent trends. If you have
a blog like , spend time making it impressive.
Create presentations and reviews about the latest
trends or products that affecting your industry or
compile case studies about a topic of particular

4. Stick to the job title
If you’ve worked in different industries you’ve
probably gained experience in various areas. When
applying for a job, make sure you customise your
CV accordingly.
For example, if you’re applying for a position in
sales, find the qualities and examples of strong
sales experience in your previous jobs that would
strengthen your chances of getting the job at hand.
Delete any information that is not relevant and
remember to keep it short, detailed and always
include supporting evidence.

5. Prove you’re the best
Highlight your top achievements for each job or
consider placing a “career highlights” section in
your CV. The employer must see what you could
bring to the team and why you’re the best choice.

6. Craft and improve your cover letter
Cover letters are very important to help sell you as
the best candidate for the job. Your cover letter is
also a great place to put important information that
you wouldn’t include in your CV.
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