Thursday, May 14, 2015

Best Paid Degrees In Nigeria (THE BITTER TRUTH)

Although the importance of hard work cannot be
overemphasised in any chosen profession, experts
have said that studying some particular degrees willT
not only give you an edge in the job market, it also
determines the amount of income you take home at
the end of the day.

For example, in the oil and gas sector, petroleum,
mechanical, chemical and electrical/electronics
engineers at an entry level earn as much as N3.5m
per annum, depending on the organisation.

Other high paying engineering fields include

Software engineers and computer engineers who
employ IT skills, whether they are in the oil and gas
sector or the telecommunication sector. They stand
to earn as high as N400,000 per month for a start,
and it could increase to about N5m to N15m per
annum, depending on the years of experience.

A fresh engineering graduate in the oil and gas
sector could earn between N7m and N9m per
annum, which goes higher to about N12m or N15m
per annum after five years of experience.
engineers in the oil and gas sectors earn the same
salary, notwithstanding the area of specialisation at
the entry level, until they undergo in-house training
graduates with non-engineering courses like
computer science, information technology, software
programmers with professional certifications which
include JAVA, CISCO, ORACLE and other networking
skills working in the telecommunications companies
would get between N200,000 and N750,000 as

An Oracle specialist, database programmer,
manager and software experts with five to 10 years’
working experience in a telecoms company will
earn between N5m and N15m per annum.

Suffice to say, all the aformentioned top earning
degrees have one thing in common ––
mathematical skills.

Graduates of Economics, Accounting, Marketing as
well as Banking and Finance and other business
related fields working in the banking and investment
sectors also get fat salaries before the recent
down-sizing in the sector, a fresh graduate at the
entry level in any of the new generation banks
earned between N2m and N2.5m per annum.

Fresh accountants could earn fat paychecks of
about N2m per annum if self-employed or working
in private and multinational organisations,
government still had a poor salary scale for this
level of professionals.
Marketers, also known as business development
officers, could earn between N50,000 and N300,000
monthly at the entry level, depending on the level of
results achieved and the organisation hiring.

Medicine, law, nursing and pharmacy, which were
the hot cakes in the 70‘s, 80‘s and 90‘s, were no
longer paying as well as they used to be.
This is the age of the mind; the age of creativity.
It has been noted that medical doctors were poorly
paid. “In fact, they are only paid living allowance
when you compare them with their colleagues in
engineering and telecommunication.
In government hospitals, at entry level, doctors are
paid less than N1m per annum. But they could earn
higher if they specialise and become consultants.

In the medical line, specialists, including
obstetricians, cardiologists, gynaecologists,
dentists and surgeons were the highest earners
any of these specialists working in reputable
hospitals like Reddington Hospital in Lagos could
earn N750,000 and above monthly.

A nurse in government hospital in Nigeria earns less
than N100,000 per month. Their pay could rise to
N400,000 when they become matrons.

Pharmacists are not left out; most pharmaceutical
companies pay fresh graduates between N500,000
and N900,000 per annum, and it could increase to
N2m or N3m after about eight- or nine-year job

Teaching profession is not that competitive, a
teacher’s take home pay was between the range of
N50,000 and N70,000 per month in some
secondary schools, and could be as high as
N200,000 per month in some other schools..

Journalists –– editors to be precise –– with five to
10 years experience and they offer between
N40,000 and N60,000 per month.
Lawyers do not earn much. fresh lawyers could
earn between N50,000 and N120,000 per month
depending on the chambers or organisations they
work for.
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